Only Men With Something To Hide Fear #MeToo: Idris Elba

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#MeToo Idris Elba

In the wake of the #MeToo allegations, actor Idris Elba just simply said, “It’s only difficult if you’re a man with something to hide.”


In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, the actor -- People’s Sexiest Man Alive -- was asked about the controversies that are making rounds in the industry. He was asked if it’s hard to be a man in Hollywood amidst the #MeToo movement, which has led to a broader reckoning against sexual misconduct. Elba's response was spot on and ended up being one of the favourites so far from actors who have been asked something similar.

Many male actors have been criticized for their comments about sexual harassment in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein fallout. Actors, including Matt Damon to Henry Cavill, seemed to have gotten it all wrong in the past, following a backlash after their comments.

“It’s only difficult if you’re a man with something to hide,” Elba

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However, Elba's comment quickly buzzed online, earning praise from the likes of Shonda Rhimes and Valerie Jarrett.

Earlier too, Elba was praised for speaking about the movement. While promoting Molly’s Game last year, he praised the league of the female-led, female-penned film coming out at a time when “we’re seeing women stand up and have a liberation movement of speaking up against some their atrocities that has happened.”

The actor has voiced his support, telling Screen Daily in January, “This isn’t an opportunity just to voice something; this is an opportunity to make change. The people and actors who are leading that dialogue are the ones who should talk about it and they are doing that.”

The “Molly’s Game” star is all hyped about the release of the next season of his hit BBC series, Luther.

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