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In one of her videos with 412k likes, Manik Kaur explains what one should do and not do while wearing a midi/long dress.

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Manik Kaur videos: Etiquette Coach Manik Kaur's Instagram video where she is giving showing tips to eat Indian food properly didn't go down will with netizens on Twitter who criticised her for imposing western culture while eating Indian food.  The two-part series of tips for eating Indian food featuring Manik shows the viewers how to eat daal and rice by pouring a small amount of daal on the rice. She also shows how to eat rajma and sabzi and also curd.

The video was shared by Twitter user @itnamatsharma. “Dining etiquette and it’s just the worst take ever. Anybody who says never pour your dal over chawal has a weird superiority complex for no reason. The same with people who look down on eating rice with their hands,” read the caption. Here's the tweet. 

Manik Kaur, according to her Instagram bio, is also a coach and motivational speaker. She has 202k followers on Instagram and posts videos revolving around social and business etiquettes regularly on her platform.

Here are 5 most popular Manik Kaur videos

  1. Wearing a midi/long dress

In one of her videos with 412k likes, she explains what one should do and not do while wearing a midi/long dress. For instance, she explains how one should not wear midi with long boots as they don't look appealing. One should wear pumps or shoes with it that offer enough space between shoes and midi. Her post has got 10,020 likes so far. Watch it here. 

2. How to share a piece of cake/pastry correctly


The video posted on 2 January shows that pastries or pieces of cake should be cut vertically and not horizontally to ensure everyone gets a fair share. The video was liked by 11241 people. A lot of people commented on the video praising her for teaching them stuff which they weren't aware of. Watch it here. 

3. Taking food to mouth

In the video, she explains how one should take the food to the mouth because vice-versa doesn't look good. "A small correction can make you look and feel so much more comfortable and elegant while dining and presenting yourself while dining with others.", reads the caption. Watch it here. 

4. Paying bills

Manik Kaur, in this video which was watched by 817k people, explains that it is okay to leave the change as tip for the waitstaff but emptying one's wallet looking for the change is not advisable at all as it may come across as very inelegant and also feel embarrassing for the person waiting. She suggests putting out notes / bills of small denominations rather than numerous coins. Watch the video here. 

5. Pizza Etiquette


Manik Kaur demonstrates in her video how one needs to eat the pizza correctly.  She explains how one can use their hands to eat the pizza but the slice needs to be handled a certain way. Next, she shows the correct way of eating pizza using fork and spoon. The video has got 560K views so far. Watch it here. 

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