Ethiopian Woman Who Was Italy’s Symbol of Integration Gets Killed By Ghanaian Worker

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A Ghanaian worker hammered Agitu Ideo Gudeta, an Ethiopian woman who was dubbed as ‘Italy’s symbol of integration.’ This was because she ran a successful cheese business in the Alpine countryside. A 32-year-old man hammered her in her goat farm. The Italian media reported that Gudeta was raped in her dying moments.

Her killer is accused to be Adams Suleimani, a 32-year-old Ghanaian man who killed her in the middle of a dispute. He hammered her while arguing over his unpaid salary.

Who was Agitu Ideo Gudeta?

Meanwhile, in Italy, Gudeta was seen as an inspiration who thrived at a time when Italy was particularly resentful towards migrants. She had fled from Ethiopia in 2010 and soon became a success story. She specialised in making goat cheese plus beauty products on her farm La Capra Felice. Gudeta had turned a wasteland into a thriving farm. In 2018, she told Reuters that she had no resistance because she had created a space for herself and made herself known to all. The media extensively shared her story and she soon became a well-known figure.

Gudeta Started Receiving Racial Threats In 2018

However, she started receiving racial threats in 2018. In early 2020, a man was jailed for nine months for injuring her. A news agency reported that it was this man who was initially interrogated on her death, but there was zero connection. The police caught Suleimani who then confessed to killing Gudeta.

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Image credit: Reuters