Empowering Quotes By Mountaineers Who Conquered Mt. Everest

quotes Mt Everest

Every year thousands of people attempt to scale Mount Everest. A lot of women have successfully accomplished reaching this height. They are consistently setting new records in the field of mountaineering. Here are some powerful words from these trailblazing women that will inspire you:

“The problem with women in the country is that when they are faced with challenges like say climbing a mountain they feel oh! I am a woman and I cannot do this. You have to give up this attitude to survive and fight in life be it climbing a mountain or fighting for own sense of security,” – Bachendri Pal, first Indian woman to conquer Mount Everest

“The biggest risk in life is not to take the risk. Always remember that,” – Bachendri Pal

It’s all in the mind

“Many people think they are weak. I think it’s all in the mind. I believe that if I can do something like this, everyone can. I want to change the mindset of people who think they are weak,” Premlata Agarwal, earlier held record for being the oldest Indian woman to scale Everest

“If you yearn for something without wistfulness but with happiness and faith, it comes to you. That’s what pulled me through every situation and kept me going is good health. That comes from the state of mind,” – Santosh Yadav, first young woman in the world to have climbed Mt. Everest twice

Age is just a number

“Age is just a number. Everything falls in place if you pursue your dreams at any age,” – Sangeeta Sindhi Bahl, oldest Indian woman to scale Mount Everest 

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“Well, the mountain doesn’t see you as a man or a woman. They see you as a human being,” Nungshi and Tashi Malik, first-ever twin sisters to scale Mt. Everest

“That accident was a turning point of my life but I didn’t want to be dependent on others so I made up my mind and decided to do something that would set an example for others and especially who are going through the same phase. I chased my goal of conquering Mt. Everest with passion. I defied all the odds and have become an inspiration for millions of such people who are physically disabled or handicapped by achieving my goal which is unthinkable to many,” – Arunima Sinha, first Indian amputee to climb Mt. Everest

“Climbing the Everest was certainly more difficult than I thought, but my willpower to prove that a tribal girl can do something kept me going.”

“I wanted to prove that girls could do anything, that social welfare students could do anything.  Climbing the Everest was certainly more difficult than I thought, but my willpower to prove that a tribal girl can do something kept me going,” Poorna Malavath, youngest girl to scale Mount Everest

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“Such an expedition is a way to bring home the point that if given the right opportunities, a girl child can climb any summit,” Deeya Bajaj, daughter of Ajeet Bajaj, who became the first India father duo to climb Mount Everest.

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