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India is home to some of the most courageous women who have never shied away from following their hearts and conquering mountains.(Quite literally!). These women with their respective achievements is a savage blow to all those who consider women as the "weaker sex" and "unworthy" of praise.


Read on to know about 5 such women who amazed the country with their daredevilry.

1. Bachendri Pal

Sepia Stories: Mountaineer Bachendri Pal


This dauntless woman debunked all myths surrounding women's physical and mental strength by becoming the first woman to reach Mount Everest's summit in 1984. She was felicitated with the Padma Shri in 1984 and Arjuna Award in 1986.

Besides accomplishing this feat, she also bears the credit of becoming the first woman in her village to have completed a graduation successfully. She was recently in news for leading an expedition on Everest with an all-women team. Her autobiography,'My Journey To The Top' chronicles her tumultuous journey she undertook to scale Mt.Everest.


2. Malavath Poorna

Malavath Poorna Malavath Poorna

What do you expect from a 13-year-old girl? To study and play? Malavath Poorna, however, was different. She achieved what many call "unthinkable" by becoming the youngest girl in the world to climb the Mount Everest, she proved that brilliance has nothing to do with age.

Hailing from a small village in Andhra, Malavath Poorna aspires to be an IPS officer. The movie Poorna; Courage has No Limit shows her life journey. Directed and produced by Rahul Bose, the movie has once again put the spotlight on the limitless potential Indian girls possess.

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3. Santosh Yadav


Santosh Yadav Santosh Yadav

Image credit: TOI


For many, climbing Mt.Everest and returning alive is a far-fetched dream. But what if we tell you that there is an Indian woman who dared to climb Everest twice? Santosh Yadav from Haryana reached the peak first in May 1992 and then in May 1993.

Apart from this, she is the first woman to climb Everest from Kangshung face, which is considered to be the most difficult side for ascent. She was awarded the Padma Shri in 2000.

4. Premlata Aggarwal



Premlata aggarwal Premlata Aggarwal

DNA India

Premlata Aggarwal, just like Poorna  Malavath, has made it very clear that age is just a number and must not be considered as an obstacle while conquering heights. A mother of two, this woman climbed the Everest at the age of 48 and with this, she became the oldest woman to climb Mt. Everest.

Her list of achievements doesn't end here. She is also the only native of Jharkhand to go on such an expedition.

5. Arunima Sinha

Arunima Sinha Picture By: The Curious Arunima Sinha

Picture By: The Curious

She, too, climbed the Mount Everest, but what makes her climb extraordinary is the fact that she is an amputee. Yes, you read that right. She lost her left leg in 2011 when she was thrown off from a moving train by thugs. It was her inner strength to do something unique that propelled her to conquer Mt Everest.

Two years after the incident took place, Arunima became the first Indian amputee to climb the loftiest mountain in May 2013. Her steel-like-determination really changed people's perception about disability.

These adventurous women showed it to the world what it requires to reach the Top!

SheThePeople.Tv appreciates these women for standing defiantly against all odds to reach the zenith.

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