Emma Watson Sports ‘Trans Rights Are Human Rights’ T-shirt

Emma Watson, after becoming the face of the #TimesUp campaign, has now shown support for the transgender community by donning a T-shirt with the slogan “Trans Rights are Human Rights”.

During the Oscars night, the Harry Potter actress stood in solidarity with the victims of sexual harassment when she was spotted with a temporary #TimesUp tattoo. Months after, the actress and activist’s latest Instagram post shows her humanitarian side.


The UK government is contributing a discussion of the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) this week. Watson’s message is to treat all genders uniformly.

LGBTQ organization Stonewall aims to give the community a trans-friendly space to easily and legally self-determine the gender of all ages. “As the LGBTQ organization Stonewall — which the Harry Potter star tagged in her post — notes, trans activists are calling for the GRA to be reformed so that it recognizes nonbinary identities and makes it easier to legally self-determine gender for trans folks of all ages, including an end to requiring that trans statuses be dependent upon medical diagnosis or approval,” Yahoo stated.

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With this progressive move, Watson’s shirt has also sparked transphobic comments and criticism from people who claim that she puts trans organizations before feminism.


Owning up to the title of a role model of women empowerment, Emma Watson always talks sense when comes to better understand feminism.

“It’s amazing because I have experienced the full spectrum,” Watson said during the red carpet at Golden Globes. “But I think that for me, what is amazing is that my experiences are not unique, the experiences of my friends are not unique, the experiences of my colleagues are not unique. This issue is so systemic, structural.”

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