Drunk Flight Passenger Pees On Female Passenger's Blanket

A second case of a drunk man urinating on a female passenger on an Air India flight has come to notice that happened in December 2022.

Avishka Tandon
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drunk man urinates on female passenger, Air India Urination
In yet another incident of indecency mid-air, a male passenger travelling on an Air India flight from Paris to Delhi peed on a fellow female passenger's blanket. The man was allegedly drunk when this happened and action was taken against him when the flight landed.

On November 26, a shocking incident happened on an Air India flight that was travelling on the New York to New Delhi route when a male passenger urinated on a business class female passenger mid-air after exposing himself. A second case of a drunk male passenger urinating on a female passenger on an Air India flight in December has come to notice.

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Drunk Man Urinates On Female Passenger

The incident reportedly happened on December 6, 2022, when a drunk male passenger urinated on the blanket of a female passenger on an Air India flight 142 travelling from Paris to New Delhi. It is not known from which class was the male passenger travelling but the incident happened mid-air and as soon as the aircraft pilot got to know about it, they reported it to the Indira Gandhi International Airport's Air Traffic Control (ATC). When the flight landed in New Delhi at 9:40 am, the accused man was arrested.

The flight officials allegedly told the ATC that the man was drunk and not listening to the instructions of the cabin crew. The man was arrested but was later let go after he and the female passenger agreed on a mutual compromise and he issued a written apology. The female passenger filed a written complaint but did not go ahead with a police case and the man did not suffer any penal action. He was later allowed to leave after customs and immigration formalities.

The incident happened a few days after the November 26 Air India flight incident that did not come to light until January 4. In that case, Air India put a ban of 30 days on the male passenger and a police case is also under progress.

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