IAS Officer Solemises Wedding Of Woman He Took Care Of Since 2004 Tsunami

Dr J Radhakrishnan ,Dr Radhakrishnan
Dr J Radhakrishnan, an Indian Administrative Services officer has reportedly taken care of a girl named Sowmya since the tsunami of 2004 which hit Tamil Nadu. The then five-year-old recently got married and Radhakrishnan was there for her.

Sowmya was among many children who had lost their parents during the devastating tsunami in Tamil Nadu’s worst-hit Nagapattinam district.

22-year-old Sowmya recently had her wedding which was solemnised by Radhakrishnan. The pictures from the wedding have now gone viral on the internet earning applause from different quarters. Dr Radhakrishnan, an IAS officer, who now works as Tamil Nadu’s Health Secretary was praised for going beyond his duties and attending Sowmya’s wedding.

Radhakrishnan who had been taking care of the orphan since 2004, made sure to be there for her special day. The IAS officer was made in-charge of the state government’s care home for children who had lost their parents during the tsunami of 2004 in Tamil Nadu. Several children were reportedly orphaned at the time. The IAS officer reportedly took many of those children under his wings and one of them was Sowmya.

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The girl was rescued from the debris after the tsunami and she grew up at a home set up by the state government for orphaned children. A local newspaper reported that the 22-year-old woman left the orphanage to get her undergraduate degree and was not so much in touch with Radhakrishnan but their bond stayed just as strong. That is why she expressed the desire for the IAS officer to be at her wedding.

While talking to the New Indian Express, Radhakrishnan expressed that he was emotional to see Sowmya get married. He said, “Sowmya is not only our daughter but also Nagapattinam’s daughter. I am very happy and emotional to see her getting married.”

The disaster brought by the 2004 tsunami left many seeking for help and there were people who offered the same. A couple from Tamil Nadu, Karibeeran Parameshvaran and his wife Choodamani, adopted 36 children and kept them at their home. The couple too had lost their three children during the calamity.

According to reports, the giant waves were triggered in the area after a 9.1 magnitude quake under the sea surface. In the worst hit district of the state Nagapattinam, more than 6,000 people were killed leaving many children orphan.