Don 3: Ranveer Singh Replaces SRK As The New Don, Watch Teaser

Farhan Akhtar has announced Don 3, reportedly starring Ranveer Singh. However, fans of the franchise flooded the comment section demanding Shah Rukh Khan's return, who played the lead in first two instalments

Nikita Gupta
08 Aug 2023 Updated On Aug 09, 2023 11:58 IST
Farhan akhtar-Twitter

Farhan announced 'Don 3' in a social media post today. Image Credit: Twitter

Farhan Akhtar has unveiled the fresh face of Don in the film series. Ranveer Singh is set to take over the role from Shah Rukh Khan as the latest incarnation of Don, who once more finds himself in the crosshairs of '11 mulkon ki police' . A recent teaser introduces Singh as the newest addition to the franchise, captivating its dedicated audience.

On Wednesday, filmmaker Farhan Akhtar took to social media platforms and unveiled the first teaser featuring Singh.The teaser begins with Singh seated in a high-rise structure, his back turned towards the camera. Dressed in a leather jacket and matching boots, he casually smokes a cigarette. He eventually turns to face the camera, revealing himself as Don, and introduces himself.

Watch the teaser here. 


The Announcement

Earlier, on Tuesday, filmmaker Farhan Akhtar unveiled the forthcoming third installment of the Don film series. Notably, the leading role in both preceding Don films was portrayed by the renowned superstar Shah Rukh Khan.


Through a concise video announcement, he affirmed the film's existence while remaining discreet about the cast. The attention in the video was towards the digit '3' prominently displayed in the screen's centre. 

The font and design of the numeral bore an uncanny resemblance to the previous series. The accompanying background music seemed to be a subtly revamped rendition of the Don title track 'Main Hoon Don.'


However, merely four hours later, Farhan shared another significant update. He disclosed that Shah Rukh Khan, who had masterfully embodied the iconic character in Don and Don 2, would not be partaking in the upcoming project. 

SRK's Exit Remains Unwecolmed


After the announcement, netizens seem extremely upset about the exit of Don 3. They targeted their anger towards the director Farhan Akhtar and within minutes held the campaign 'No SRK, No Don' trending across all social media platforms.

A Twitter user @Ajukhan111, accusing Farhan of using Shah Rukh's name wrote, 'How can you title a movie #Don3 when original lead actor is not there in the third part? Just you want to sell your product in the name of Brand SRK.'


Another user @srkian_MrX labelled Don 3, the biggest downgrade, and shared a fancy meme of both SRK and Ranveer Singh in similar outfits.

Film Critic Twitter page, @Its_CineHub, expressing the sadness towards the annoucement wrote, 'Internet would have just broken if Don 3 was staring #ShahRuhKhan. Everyone waited for 12 years for #Don3 and it came but at what cost.'


As everyone awaits the announcement of the new lead actor for the series, only time will tell if the series will be the same success without King Khan.

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