Digital Women Awards: It's Important To Celebrate Female Entrepreneurs

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Celebrate Female Entrepreneurs

The winners of 2018 Digital Women Awards shared with us why they think it it important to celebrate female entrepreneurship.


It is not easy for women to claim space in the business world in India and often their efforts go unnoticed. The recognition of their efforts is hence long overdue, as it will gives courage to other women and inspire them to follow their passion. But what does winning this award mean to our winners? At the fourth annual DWA, we sat down some of the winners to share their thoughts on having their work and achievements celebrated.

Recognition inspires other women

Pooja Verma and Neha Verma are the founders of digital marketing agency Whisskers. The two -- famously known as the Google sisters -- say, "There is quite a lot of hype around women they have to multitask. But if someone wants to something, they will do it. But recognising these women is a very good effort, because to all those women who might be in double minds, it gives them a certain push to take things forward. They know that there's someone on the other side who's going to help them."

Helps achievers connect and collaborate

Prerna Mukharya, founder of Outline India, says, "I was a bit skeptical earlier, but it is so nice to see such high achieving women being recognised, all on one platform, one room."

"It leads to getting them together and to figure out if they can collaborate together on the work front. It is such a good idea and one might think that that is only in theory. But  when you think about 200-300 smart women seated in a single room and all the good that can come from it, it is pretty fabulous."

Giving women the long over-due recognition

Yogyyata Patil, founder of a premium Marathi e-publication ManacheTalks (मनाचेTalks), says, despite so many startups coming to digital platform every year, not much attention is paid to the women behind them. "Even I thought that with my startup, which is loved by a lot of people, I haven't achieved much. But with this recognition, my confidence has increased."

"This Digital Women Awards is a great platform to recognise efforts of female entrepreneurs," - Yogyyata Patil

Shailja Mittal, Co-Founder of Koala Kabs, says, "Winning this award is amazing. The digital platform is being used by women entrepreneurs tremendously to grow their business and to create awareness. We can also use this platform to create more awareness in people about our new ventures."

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