This Is How Digital Women Awards Empowers Entrepreneurs

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The Digital Women Awards are back. Celebrating talent, entrepreneurship, innovation and creation among women on the internet, DWA is one of its kind. A game changer in recognising women entrepreneurs in the digital space. With low investment and huge outreach, digital is now the first and foremost platform where women want to start their businesses.

Women are breaking new ground with ideas that are progressive and meaningful. From home medical solutions, to lifestyle, to safety products -- there is a lot of work happening in digital tech that's being led by female talent.


So how exactly has DWA transformed women-led businesses?

Shivani Malik of Da Milano told SheThePeople.TV, “It has been an important driver in opening new avenues of opportunity for women—be it to make money, share our talents, network and connect with like-minded people or to get inspired by role models beyond our existing circle.

Last year, we had Rashi Sanon Narang winning the Digital Women Award 2016 for her startup in pet lifestyle industry — Heads Up For Tails. With her business, Narang is opening up new horizons in the industry that no one could think of before in India.

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Huge validation

On her experience as a DWA winner, Narang said, “It was immensely gratifying for us to have won the SheThePeople.TV digital award last year. As a brand that strives every day to make the world a better place for animals/pets and make pet parenting an enjoyable experience, being recognised by a platform like yours comes as a huge validation. It reinstates the fact that we are on the right path and motivates us to do even better each day.”


Not just Narang, DWA has made several entrepreneurs confident of their work, motivating them further to raise the bar.

“DWA is the true recognition of intellect, merit as well as leadership qualities, leading to success,” -Rajashree Krishnaswamy of Catalyze Centre

Platform for social change

Elsa Marie D’silva of Safecity spoke about how the DWA acts as a platform to push for further change in the social sector. “DWA is the first Indian award that we received for our work at Safecity. It was a validation of our work,” said Elsa, winner of DWA in 2015.

DWA selects its winners in different categories with the help of professionals from top companies. Both in the past and in its upcoming chapter, we have had people from Google, Facebook and Twitter on our panel. We even have ministries helping us make the jury for selecting the new set of winners.

Meticulous screening


Another DWA winner, Rajashree Krishnaswamy of Catalyze Centre, also believes that DWA has a meticulous screening process. “It is the true recognition of intellect, merit as well as leadership qualities, leading to success.”

So what are you waiting for? Come, be a part of the third edition of the Digital Women Awards and see a whole new world of opportunities opening up for you!

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