Here’s The List Of Digital Women Awards 2020 Winners

Digital Women Awards winners

SheThePeople Digital Women Awards ceremony for the year 2020 was held virtually today. Celebrating talent, entrepreneurship, innovation and creation by and among women who are building businesses using the internet, Digital Women Awards presented by Google commemorated the spirit of female entrepreneurs that only grew by leaps and bounds this year, unfazed by the pandemic.

Due to COVID-19, the ceremony for sixth Digital Women Awards was held virtually this year on November 21. However, the festivities started earlier in the week, with a four-day-long conference featuring speakers such as Anna Roy of NITI Ayog, Chef Pooja Dhingra, Rashmi Tiwari, Founder, Aahan Foundation, Jeet Vijayvargiya, CEO, Meity Startup Hub, Dr. Geetha, co-founder, Niramai, Molly Kapoor, Aditya Birla Sun Life MF, Rashi Goel, Nestle India and SheThePeople.TV Founder Shaili Chopra.

Considering the impact of the pandemic on everyone’s lives and how the digital medium and women entrepreneurs had risen to the occasion to provide solutions on multiple fronts this year, a new category called COVID impact was specially added to the Awards. The idea was to not only celebrate innovation and social impact through digital entrepreneurship but also to applaud the spirit of offering help and solutions in a situation that no one was equipped to deal with.

Here’s the list of this year’s winners for Digital Women Awards:


Shwetha Nimkar, PAIO Shoes
Shirin Mann, Needle Dust Juttis
Swathi Sri Aravind, A Toddler Thing
Yasodha Sivaraman,Bloomy Brain
Surbhi Bhatia, The Moms Store
Pragya and Divya Batra, Quirksmith
Roohi Bhatia Little Looms
Akanksha Arora, Amrapali
Kirti Goel, Ptal


Digital Women Awards winners

Garima Tiwari, KidzcreativeExpress
Radhika Choudary, Frery Energy
Anju Arora, The Period Hub

Social Impact

Digital Women Awards winners

Kamakshi and Vishala, Sound Space India
Asha Vettoor, Swara Voice of Women
Saloni Mehta, Tactopus

COVID Impact

Digital Women Awards winners

Dimple Jangda, Prana
Hetika Shah, 4SShield
Malaika Shivalkar, Project Pahunch


Digital Women Awards winners

Kopal Khanna, Tape A Tale
Leeza Mangaldas
Shradha Fogla, 2 Monkeys And Me
Meera Raina, Infertility to Motherhood


Digital Women Awards winners

Meghana. Chlorofill
Nanda Balasubramanian, Amaze Kids Edutainment
Niki Thakker, Entisi Chocolates
Vanita, Founder, SagaaByVanita
Manasi, PinkLegal.in
Leesha, AdahbyLeesha
Anumita, A ClayStory
Pooja, Nemital
Misha, Bobtail
Chanchal, Ethnic Chanchal

Marketing + Leadership

Digital Women Awards winners

Shauravi Malik, Slurrp Farm
Deepshikha Kumar, SpeakIN
Khushboo Jain, Impact Guru
Elisha Sehgal, ELSOL India Consultants

Winners speak:

Here’s what the winners of this year’s Digital Women Awards had to say:

Asha Scaria Vettoor, of Swara – Voice of Women, who won an award in the Social Impact category said, “After getting the Gandhi Fellowship in Rajasthan I woke up to the realities of most women in our country. I saw talented, ambitious women to not being able to unleash the full potential that they had and I wanted to do something to bridge that gap. So, this is me marrying technology to the kind of talent we have for consumer who are looking for technical buying.”

Saloni Mehta of Tactopus, who also won in the Social Impact category spoke about her enterprise’s work, “Thank you for this award.  We work in the space of education and equal opportunities for children with learning disabilities specially the one that hinder learning. We have been making multisensory products, which are physical earning aids and mobile application.”

Dimple Jangda, who won in the COVID Impact category, called her venture Prana a blessing. Seh said, “If you go with the flow the river will take you places. Pre COVID, there was no social media presence to be honest. We closed the clinic for two weeks and started Prana academy of live science to teach Ayurveda. We started teaching them to take care at home.”

Shirin Mann, Founder and Creative Head of Needle Dust Juttis, who won in the Ecommerce category said, “Am so honoured to be here and to receive this award.” Speaking about the conception of her business Mann said, “The strangest ideas come from when you try to find a gap in the market. For me, juttis have been a part of our culture for centuries. It is not something new. It is not something that I created from scratch. But certain products have these stigmas and juttis have this too, that were mundane, boring, or that they weren’t cool. And I wanted to change that when I started Needle Dust, because I wanted to experiment and do the unimaginable on shoes.”

Radhika Choudary, Frery Energy, a company that offers solar energy solutions, won an award in the Disruption category. Choudary, who started Frery Energy six years ago, said, “Solar is a very crowded market, as there are too many players. It is very hard to differentiate yourself. It is also a very local play.” Choudary is disrupting the market by launching an app called SunPro. Speaking on the advantages of switching to solar energy she said, “You are going green, there’s an economic aspect as well. It is just the awareness that is lacking. Half the people don’t make the decision to go solar is because they don’t have the information to do so. So the app that we have launched is enabling the customers to evaluate what is solar, is it good for me and can I go solar? So the entire journey is mapped, it is all digitised.”

Watch the full awards ceremony here –

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