Dhoni’s 5-Year-Old Daughter Gets Rape Threats after CSK lose to KKR

dhoni's daughter gets rape threats

Dhoni’s daughter received rape threats after Chennai Super Kings (CSK) lost to Kolkata Knight Riders during an IPL match. In what can only be called shameful, trolls took to social media platforms to say abusive comments and threaten Dhoni’s 5-year-old daughter with rape. All because a cricketer lost a match. Yes, that’s how little it takes for trolls to threaten a girl with rape.

While cricket is considered a religion in India, given its massive popularity, such behaviour by fans is appalling. It also reflects how little it takes for trolls to lash out their misogyny and put on display such behaviour. On the other hand, it’s things like these that propel a society’s rape culture.

There was outrage on social media.

“Dhoni has given so much to this country as a cricketer. He won us our second only world cup, and numerous memories of the game that still give us goosebumps. And what does this country give him in return? Shame on such cricket fans who threaten a little girl, just for the sake of a game. Shame on us for letting people get away with such horrendous threats,” said Yamini Pustake Bhalerao, Ideas Editor with SheThePeople.

The threats, according to a News18 report, appeared on Dhoni and his wife Sakshi’s Instagram accounts following Wednesday’s loss.

Journalist Rohini Singh tweeted, “This is the sickest thing I have seen on social media. A 6 year old baby getting a rape threat. A baby.”

Dhoni’s Daughter Ziva is Gets Rape Threats after CSK to KKR


Journalist Swati Chaturvedi said, “it is a crime to be a woman in India,” as she tweeted. Politician Priyanka Chaturvedi expressed horror at this. “This has to be the most disgusting example of how social media platforms are being misused. If GoI still turns a blind eye to this then I’d say they are complicit in promoting& condoning such mentality with regards to women&sick, perverse mentality,” she said in a Tweet.

Cricket fandom is one thing but to troll families of cricketers is completely out of line. Just as Virat Kohli’s bad game was blamed on his wife Anuskha Sharma recently, Dhoni’s daughter being dragged into this, is something that should worry us about fan behaviour.

In the case Sharma, was not just trolled by Kohli’s fans and blamed for his inconsistency, even commentator Sunil Gavaskar took a dig at Sharma.