Dharani, a six-year-old girl from Athoor block in Tamil Nadu, has managed to convince her father to build a toilet for her mother.

She managed to explain to him that open defecation affected her mother’s dignity and caused her embarrassment every day.

The mother told The Hindu that the girl was so determined in her approach that her husband had no option but to give in. Besides getting a toilet constructed, she also persuaded him to stop drinking liquor

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The child felt that his drinking habit caused him to quarrel with his mother. One day, she told her father that he would be left alone if he did not stop drinking as her mother and she would go away to the grandparents’ home in Vadamadurai.

Her father stopped drinking and went to Kerala for work. “I tried to convince him for five years. I failed miserably. But my daughter succeeded in it,” says her mother Karthika. “Now, we are happy and comfortable because of my daughter Dharani,” she added.

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Sivakumar, secretary of the Gandhigram Trust, honoured the girl for her assiduous efforts with a shawl and momento. He told The Hindu that her aim was to sensitize more people in the village.

Dharani told The Hindu, “My teacher has been advising me often about the importance of personal hygiene and clean surroundings to lead a healthy life. She also insisted that I should use toilets and avoid defecation in open places. Her advice motivated me to convince my daddy to construct a toilet for us. Now, I ask my mother to use the toilet.”

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