Deserted By Her Family, This Lahore Woman Now Runs A Dhaba To Earn A Living

Samina Bibi

When it comes to struggles life spares no one. And if you happen to be a woman, you are bound to encounter a lot of challenges in order to survive. However, befriending determination and optimism can really turn the bleak scenario around. That’s exactly what this 45-year-old Samina Bibi from Lahore has done. After being thrown out by her in-laws, this woman is trying her best to fend for herself and her three kids.

“I have been thrown out by my own people, but my God is there with me.”- Samina Bibi

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“I have been thrown out by my own people, but my God is there with me”, she reiterates in this video. Samina further says that mothers are together with their kids even after they die and here, I am still alive. Grappling to make ends meet, she aspires to see all her kids become successful one day.

Samina Bibi’s story resonates with a lot of women who are left high and dry by their own kith and kin. Resilience, in such cases, is the only ray of hope one can cling to. Her initiative is really commendable. She is definitely an epitome of great strength and valour.

The world is full of such stories of real women struggling social issues alone. A few weeks ago, a 16-year-old girl from Hyderabad who had been rescued from child marriage, aced her class XI exams by scoring a whopping 93 per cent.

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