Viral Video: Female Deputy Tehsildar Slaps Girl In Varanasi

Video of a female government officer slapping a teenage girl during an argument in Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh goes viral. The public recorded the incident and questioned the officer but she walked out of the spot.

Kalyani Ganesan
Aug 10, 2023 14:59 IST
Deputy Tehsildar Slaps Girl In Varnasi

Image Credits: Free Press Journal

In a shocking incident, a female government officer slapped a teenage girl during an argument in Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh. The female officer, a Deputy Tehsildar named Prachi Kesarwani, went to Bishampur village in connection with a case revolving around the illegal occupation of land.

An argument broke out between the Deputy Tehsildar and a teenage girl, after which the officer slapped the girl. People around them captured the incident on their phones and posted it on social media. The video soon began going viral on the internet.

Deputy Tehsildar Slaps Girl In Varanasi

The video shows Deputy Tehsildar and the teenage girl engaged in a heated argument when suddenly she slaps the girl. The agitated crowd began questioning the officer’s act, and the deputy Tehsildar eventually walked out of the spot.


According to reports, some villagers had illegally occupied a piece of land in Bhishampur village in the Kapsethi police station area in Varanasi. The high court had ordered them to vacate the land. Acting on behalf of the High Court’s order, the Deputy Tehsildar reached the spot to take action. The people present on the spot expressed displeasure over the action against their encroachment.


A young girl came forward from the crowd and started talking to Deputy Tehsildar, asking her to show a copy of the High Court’s order. The government officer got annoyed at the girl’s demand, leading to a heated argument between them. Eventually, the Deputy Tehsildar got angry and slapped the girl in front of the public.

The public got angry and questioned the government officer. Seeing the public outrage, the police officers present at the scene guided the Deputy Tehsildar out of the spot.

The action against the land encroachment was halted after the crowd got agitated and started opposing the government officer. The villagers reportedly complained to the higher authorities about the behaviour of the Deputy Tehsildar, demanding strict action against her.


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