Remarks Against Prophet: Twitter Users Demand Arrest Of Anchor Navika Kumar

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India’s ruling party, the Bharatiya Janata Party or the BJP is caught amidst controversy after its national spokesperson Nupur Sharma came under the scanner for her derogatory comments against the Prophet Muhammad triggering sentiments in Muslim communities. Many Arab countries including Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Muslim communities in India have spoken out against Sharma who made derogatory remarks while she was speaking on a panel about the Gyanvapi Mosque Kashi Vishwanath temple dispute on the news channel.

Violence was also incited in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur allegedly over Sharma’s comments. The videos of the incident went viral on social media which showed people hurling stones and abuses at each other. Reportedly, the violence injured nearly 40 persons including 20 police personnel.

Demands For Arrest Of Navika Kumar

While the ruling party suspended Sharma and their New Delhi media chief Naveen Kumar Jilaal amidst the controversy. Now Twitter is flooded with messages asking news presenter Navika Kumar to be arrested.

The journalist was hosting the panel wherein Sharma made statements about Prophet Muhammad. The channel had also taken down the video of the panel in an attempt to distance itself from the controversy.

The audience was shocked to see no intervention from Navika as Sharma continued with her verbal rampage against Prophet. She had also extended her support to the spokesperson after she approached Delhi Police alleging a threat to life.

“Police should also take an action against Navika Kumar for promoting hate against prophet Muhammad SAW and Islam through her TV debates,” a user wrote.

Meanwhile, another user urged Vineet Jain, who owns Times Now, to take action against Navika. The user wrote, “Hello Vineet Jain, now u also need to walk the talk and fire @navikakumar for using your owned channel Times Now [as a] platform for using derogatory languages and hurting sentiments of Muslims all across the world by insulting our Prophet.”

“Companies, promoting genocidal talks on-air need to be charged with being an accomplice to the crime committed. These derogatory news debates have invited unwanted embarrassment to Indians across the globe,” another user wrote.

Meanwhile, Opposition party Congress’ Women’s wing leader Sadaf Jafar also demanded Navika Kumar’s termination.

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