DCW: Metro fare hike may hit Delhi women's safety

Poorvi Gupta
Oct 12, 2017 12:24 IST
Delhi metro women’s day

Following the recent hike by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), the Delhi Commission for Women has come out with a survey showing how it affects women’s safety in the capital city.


While people question New Delhi for poor women’s safety, the recent metro fare hike may worsen it. More than 65 per cent women in Delhi will look for alternative and affordable travel modes, thus forgoing their safety as priority, says the survey.

"68 per cent of the women stated that they would be forced to adopt less safer modes of transportation or would be forced to travel less frequently and won't be able to use the metro as frequently as earlier,” said a statement from DCW.

More than 65 per cent women in Delhi will look for alternative and affordable travel modes, forgoing their safety as priority- DCW


"At a time when six rapes and several cases of eve-teasing and harassment are reported each day, the metro fare hike has forced women to go back to less safer modes of transportation," said the commission chief Swati Maliwal.

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The survey also asked women if they want the hike to be rolled back, and 97% answered in the affirmative.


This is the second time in six months that DMRC has hiked metro fare despite the Delhi government's criticism.

Metro fare deeply affects the middle-class and lower-class population of Delhi NCR. And for women from these economic backgrounds, metro is the only safe mode of transport. People take metro majorly to avoid traffic while women take the mode to avoid harassment, catcalling etc. So the metro hike affects and discriminates women far more and can have adverse effects on them.

A daily commuter by metro from Faridabad, Pooja Walia, said she would prefer share cabs if the metro fare keeps rising. “I have been using metro since it came to Faridabad and it is such a shame that they are increasing the prices almost every quarter. We still managed when they did it the first time, but this is the limit!”


A metro user from Noida also complained against the metro fare hike. “I travel from Mayur Vihar Ph1 extension to Rohini every day. Metro is hands down the most convenient way of travelling. If I have to travel such a distance by road, I would prefer living closer to my place of job. And that is a huge dent in my income.”

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