Street harassment is very common and since very few women actually report these cases, it gives men more courage to continue to harass women in public spaces. However, a Delhi woman turned the tables against a man for passing lewd comments and beat him up. The incident occurred in Gaffar market area of West Delhi.

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It was on February 25 when about four to five men started harassing a woman who had come to the market along with a friend.

To avoid these men, the two women got into a rickshaw. But this did not deter the men. They started following the rickshaw and making obscene comments about the women

One of the women then got down from the rickshaw. Holding one of the men by his collar, she started beating him up. Soon, a crowd of onlookers gathered and woman went with them to the police station and filed a complaint against the offenders, reports NDTV.

Vasant Vihar police have arrested two men from the group—Manish and Abhishek–who are from Charkhi Dadri in Haryana, around 100 km from Delhi.

Man masturbates in bus

Recently, a DU girl uploaded a video of a man masturbating while sitting next to her in a local bus. She then filed a complaint with Vasant Vihar police station against the middle-aged man who also tried to touch her during the obscene act.

“I was travelling in crowded bus when a man sitting next to me masturbated. I was left stunned but then I made a video of the incident & posted it on social media to make people aware of the incident.People don’t even consider something like this a form of sexual harassment,” the complainant told ANI.

The National Crime Records Bureau (2017) report of Delhi says that the Delhi Police registers at least five rape cases every day. While the number of cases may have reduced if compared with previous years, it does not give the exact number of rapes that actually happen in the national capital.

Picture credit- DNA India

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