Crime Against Women Dips: Delhi Police

Poorvi Gupta
Aug 26, 2017 10:35 IST

The National Crime Record Bureau report is out and it shows a downward curve in crimes against women this year. Delhi police recorded 1,335 rape cases till 15th August this year as compared to 1,426 cases of rape reported last year.


The number of rape cases is 6.4% lesser than 2016.

Looking at molestation cases, the numbers have reduced in that category as well. The molestation cases have reduced by 600 in 2017. The Delhi police filed 2,138 molestation cases in 2017 while in 2016, it recorded 2,738 cases.

In this year, apart from crimes against women, the overall crime rate came down by 6%. Murder reports reduced from 325 last year to 305 this year. Road accidents dropped from 976 to 857, the police say. NCRB report shows a major dip in crime like robberies and snatching from 3,252 to 1,860 and from 6,117 to 5,682 respectively. And the total number of serious crimes dropped from 5,503 to 3,980.


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The Special Commissioner Dependra Pathak, Delhi Police’s chief spokesperson, directed all police stations and district chiefs to give precedence to crimes against women and street crimes like robbery and snatching.

“The police chief has issued clear instructions towards fair FIR registration and timely filing of charge sheets in rape cases. It is to be made sure that victims do not suffer any inconvenience and is provided with all possible help right from the time any incident comes to fore,” Pathak said, New Delhi Times reported.

In the recent years, Delhi Police started several initiatives to empower women. They have restructured their app—Himmat thrice to make it user-friendly. But still, the crime reports have made headlines through the year in Delhi NCR.

The fact that NCRB only records the cases that the Delhi police files need to be emphasized, here. Since we cannot know the real number of crimes as several cases go unreported with the Delhi police. So there needs to be greater awareness of the rights of citizens.

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