Delhi Cops’ 2017 Crime Report Shows Protectors Turning Violators

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Crimes against women are a major area of concern in Delhi for the past few years. The 2017 Delhi Police Annual Crime Report reveals that a staggering 74% rapes were committed by people known to the survivors.

Delhi Police submitted its annual crime report on Thursday (Jan 11) and it showed that the total number of rapes reported until mid-December 2017 were 2,049. Of these, only 69 cases (3.37%) showed that strangers raped the survivors. A year before that, 74 cases (3.57%) of the total 2,064 cases reported had perpetrators who were unknown to the survivors.

The report also concluded that the overall rape percentage is decreasing in the capital.

On the occasion of releasing the annual report, Delhi Police chief, Amulya Patnaik said that the force is aiming for “preventive” crimes, especially those that affect women.

The report revealed that the main perpetrators are friends, neighbours and relatives of rape survivors. These kinds of people have turned offenders in around 72.27% rapes reported to the police.

“Protectors are becoming violators, but this trend too will go down once the fear of prosecution sets in.”

However, the good thing with awareness and reportage of rape in the media is that more victims are coming forward to report cases. Dependra Pathak, Delhi Police’s chief spokesperson, corroborated this fact and said that rape survivors are also filing reports against their fathers, brothers and other family members.

“Protectors are becoming violators, but this trend too will go down once the fear of prosecution sets in,” said Pathak.

Another police official said, “Of all reported rapes last year, men who were either in a live-in relationship with the victim or refused to marry them allegedly committed 508 cases (24.79%).”

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While the percentage of rape cases dipped the slightest at 0.73%, the Delhi Police success rate in cracking cases has gone up to 92% cases.

2016 saw Delhi Police solving 86% cases of rape, while 2017 had Delhi Police putting 2,275 persons behind bars for rapes. This is a straight 10% increase since 2016.

Apart from rape, molestation cases saw a serious dip of 19% in 2017 as the Delhi Police report shows. In 2016, Delhi police recorded 4,035 cases of molestation while in 2017, they recorded 3,273 molestation cases. Delhi Police solved 83.26% cases and arrested 3,604 men.

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