Woman Who Survived Delhi Mundka Fire Reveals What Was Happening Inside

Delhi Mundka fire
In Delhi’s Mundka, a fire broke out in a building where reportedly 27 people died and 24 of them were women. 12 people were reported injured as of Saturday afternoon. The building had many office spaces and it was close to the Mundka metro station.

As per reports, 50 people have been rescued from the building. The death figure is likely to increase. The owner of the building is being pursued by the police because reportedly the building did not have a fire clearance certificate, as per fire chief Atul Garg. The owner is on the run.

Delhi Mundka fire incident:

The fire blaze was reported on Friday evening. The fire first started on the first floor of the building. The floor had an office of a company that manufactures CCTV cameras and wi-fi routers, as per an official. The firms owners were arrested late night on Friday.

DCP Sameer Sharma was quoted saying, “The building did not have a fire NOC (no-objection certificate). The owner of the building has been identified as Manish Lakra who lived on the top floor. Lakra is currently missing, teams are on the job and he will be arrested soon.” According to media reports, this fire is the worst one the national capital has seen since Anaj Mandi tragedy in 2019 where 43 people had died. The officials at Mundka building have confirmed that some of the bodies were burnt beyond recognition and the people were terrified.

The blaze started around 4:40 pm on Friday near pillar number 544 of the Mundka metro station. Many people noticed near the metro. Reportedly, the building on fire had only one staircase so it made it difficult for the people stuck inside to make their way out. Many people on the second floor got trapped.

An unnamed woman who was reportedly at the third floor of the building revealed to ANI the horror that unfolded. She said, “We were sitting in a meeting, I don’t know when did fire break out. There was no way to get out. There was only one exit where the fire had already broken out. We were on the 3ird floor. There were 250-300 people there.” Many people were seen jumping from the building to escape the high flames.

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“A car showroom used to operate from this property earlier. The building has also been rented by several outlets. To the best of the association’s knowledge, the building had a license to operate a commercial enterprise,” Sunil Chadha, the general secretary of the Mundka industrial area society, said on Friday. People near the metro station had gathered to see what was happening inside the building through its smoky windows.

Arvind Keriwal wrote, “Shocked and pained to know abt this tragic incident. I am constantly in touch wid officers. Our brave firemen are trying their best to control the fire and save lives. God bless all. (sic)”.

Feature Image source: ANI