Delhi: Kejriwal Announces Free Education For Children Who Lost Parents To Covid-19

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced free education for children who lost their earning parents due to COVID-19 on May 14.

In a press conference, Kejriwal addressed the distress of children who lost their parents and parents who lost their children. After other states and UTs took the initiative of educating orphaned kids, the Delhi CM followed the same on May 14.

Delhi: Free Education For Orphaned Children

In the conference, Kejriwal said, “I know many such children who have lost their parents to COVID,” addressing those children, he said, “I understand your grief. Do not consider yourselves orphaned, I am there.”

He assured that the Delhi government will take the responsibility for the education as well as upbringing of such children who lost their parents to COVID-19 and have no other earning member in the family.

“We won’t let their education stop, the government will look after the education. We will bear all the expenses for the upbringing of those children,” he said.

Delhi Govt To Look After Aged Parents

After announcing free education for the specified children, he took into consideration of those senior citizens who were dependent on their children for a source of income but now have lost them to COVID-19. He said, “Do not worry, your this son (Kejriwal) is still alive.”

“For all those families who lost their only earning members to COVID, will be helped by the Government,” he said in the tweet video of his conference.

Other States To Announce Free Education

Recently, other States and Union Territories like Jammu and Kashmir, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh have also taken the initiative of providing free education to children who were orphaned due to COVID-19, as well as financial aid to families who lost their earning members to the same.

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