Delhi HC Rejects Claims Of Smriti Irani, Daughter Being Owners Of Illegal Goa Bar

The court said opposition leaders conspired to "launch a tirade of false scathing and belligerent personal attacks" against Smriti Irani and her daughter.

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The Delhi High Court observed on August 1 that the Silly Souls Cafe and Bar in Goa had no license issued in Smriti Irani or her daughter's name. The court also directed Congress leaders to take down defamatory content regarding the same from social media.

In the Illegal Bar Row involving Smriti Irani and her daughter, the Delhi High Court released its observation on Monday, based on the documents and records received by it. The case was filed by Smriti Irani when some Congress leaders accused her 18-year-old daughter Zoish of owning an illegal bar in Goa. The case came to notice when the Government of Goa issued a show cause notice as the bar tried to renew its licence under the name of a dead person.

Important Observation Of Delhi HC On Smriti Irani Goa Bar Case

The order released by the HC stated, "Considering the documents on record it is clearly seen that there was no license which was ever issued in favour of the plaintiff or her daughter. The plaintiff or her daughter are not the owners of the restaurant." The order further said that neither Irani nor her daughter had ever applied for a liquor license.

Last week, the high court had issued summons to Congress leaders Netta D'Souza, Pawan Khera and Jairam Ramesh after Irani filed a defamation case them, seeking damages worth Rs. 2 crores, accusing them of making baseless allegations against Zoish.

The court had also asked the Congress leaders to take down all the defamatory content including tweets and morphed pictures from the social media. After the allegations against her daughter had surfaced, Irani had slammed the opposition leaders for targeting her daughter, due to political rivalry. "An 18-year-old child, a college student... her character was assassinated by Congressmen at party headquarters. Her fault is that her mother fought Lok Sabha elections against Rahul Gandhi from Amethi in 2014 and 2019," said the Union Minister. Irani further demanded to know from the Congress Party members in question, where was the name of her daughter in the papers that they had used to make the allegations.

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