Delhi Govt To Give Free Med Treatment To Accident Victims

Delhi accident victims

The Delhi government has given the go-ahead to a new policy which will provide free medical aid to accident victims. Victims of road accidents, fire and acid attacks are to be treated free of cost at the nearest private hospital. The treatment will be provided whether the citizen is from Delhi or not, if the accident happened in Delhi. The move aims to help private hospitals treat accident victims in emergencies and not refer them to government hospitals if they cannot pay. 

Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain announced the scheme at a press conference on 12th December. 

“The move is aimed at saving lives of such people during the golden hour after accidents on Delhi’s roads, be it road accident, fire and acid attacks,” Jain told reporters in New Delhi

“Currently, bystanders, police and our own ambulances take accident victims to government hospitals, even if there is a private hospital nearby. This scheme will ensure that accident victims reach a hospital – government or private – within the golden hour, when the chances of survival are the highest.”

The Chief Minister of Delhi said, “Every life counts. Every life is important for us. If an accident victim receives best medical care immediately, many lives could be saved.”

Eight thousand accidents occur on Delhi roads every year and affect 15,000-20,000 people. About 1,600 people die every year because of road accidents.

In 2017, the Delhi government had launched its Good Samaritan policy to reward people who help road accident victims.

The government has selected 230 private hospitals to deal with emergencies. They must provide details of accident, burn and acid attack victims within 12 hours of admitting them. This will ensure the government can provide the victims free treatment.

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