Freddy Birdy Vs Deepika Padukone: Bullying And Then More Smug Bullying

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Actor Deepika Padukone has been making a lot of media appearances ahead of her upcoming film Gehraiyaan release. As the tradition of film promotions go in Bollywood and most film industries, the actor was seen wearing different designer outfits on different occasions.

Social media influencer, Freddy Birdy, who is often seen giving his takes on different cultural subjects decided to get on the Gehraiyaan promotions bandwagon. In a post, Birdy wrote that Padukone’s outfits are getting tinier as the Gehraiyaan release date gets closer.

His post read, “Newton’s Law of Bollywood – The clothes will get tinier as the Gehraiyaan release date approaches.”

Neither the actor nor her fans saw the humour in the joke for it was downright sexist. No surprise he was blasted by the netizens. Padukone also responded to the ‘joke’. Some reports and a further response by Birdy claims Padukone may have called him a “moron”.

Padukone reportedly wrote, “Scientists say the universe is made of protons, neutrons and electrons. They forgot to mention morons.” None of these viral posts are available on Instagram anymore.

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Deepika Padukone Freddy Birdy Controversy:

What should have been followed by an apology from Birdy instead brought another attack on Padukone. In a rather clean, properly thought out post (complete with syntax and fonts) Birdy defended himself and added another smug remark for the actor. He wrote, “Dear Deepika, I’m not “mocking you” for wearing tiny clothes. You can wear your hemlines till your toes or your ears. For all I care. And thank you for calling me a “moron”. It’s the only non-fake thing you’ve uttered in your entire career.” This is where the banter ended.

To save himself from further dialogue on the subject he disable the comment section of the post. About 20 thousand people liked his post, which had tagged Karan Johar, Dharma Productions and Deepika Padukone. Birdy also switched his account to private mode after the controversy robbing the non-followers off his witty remarks on different non-issues.

Since the influencer, who reportedly also has his own advertisement agency, said he was not mocking Padukone what was he really trying to do?

If one scrolls down his Instagram profile, Birdy’s “funny” takes on SoBo girls ( girls from South Bombay infamous for their affluent lifestyle), Bollywood actors, social media influencers, Rupi Kaur, food among other topics can be seen. Credit where credit is due, Birdy does make his followers happy by his posts. They offer a sense of rare honesty which most people seem to enjoy.

Freddy Birdy can now be seen on several headlines because of his uncalled for views on Deepika Padukone’s outfits. There is nothing new about trolling as Twitter timelines will possibly be blank if someone with a gibberish username did not troll someone famous everyday. Can Birdy be called a troll ? Or just a social media bully with famous people in his followers list? The jury is out and nobody really cares about the verdict.

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