Clothes will get ‘tinier’. Freddy Birdy trolls Padukone. Here’s Who He Is

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Who is Freddy Birdy? The influencer is the troll of the current season? He picked Gehraiyaan star Deepika Padukone as his target and said something bizarre like ‘clothes will get tinier’ as Gehraiyaan release gets closer. Padukone replied back and you can imagine, the internet broke over this comment as the world set course to find out who Freddy Birdy is and what has he done.

Freddy Birdy is an influencer on Instagram. His main job is that of a copywriter and he has over 300,000 followers, which include Abhishek Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Sonam Kapoor, Kunal K Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Arjun Kapoor, amongst others.

Four days ago, Birdy did what most would not expect him to. He put out a sexist comment. On his Instagram feed he shared a post in a colourful template with the words, “The clothes will get tinier as the Gehraiyaan release date approaches.” He posted this along with a caption, “Necklines and hemlines are Gehraiyaan.”

Gehraiyaan is an out and out film about young people and their illicit relationships and stars Ananya Panday, Padukone with Siddhant Chaturvedi.

By putting sexist comments out there, are influencers like Birdy trying to just get publicity and social media attention? In a film based on modern women and modern relationships, we don’t expect women to wear what they want? Like short clothes? Or a easy-breezy t-shirt? Is that a big deal – a woman wearing ‘tiny’ clothes?

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Who Is Freddy Birdy?

Birdy, who is familiar with India’s film industry, is reportedly a known name in the advertisement world too and has received many awards for copy writing. He currently runs and co-owns an advertising agency in New Delhi.

Some reports say he also designs restaurants, does related artwork and has received accolades for it. From Mumbai, Freddy Birdy’s works have been mentioned by art gallery called Nature Morte and his website show cases his ‘word paintings.’

Director Zoya Akhtar says this on Birdy’s website about his work and how it portrays women.

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Picture credit: Screengrab from Gehraiyaan trailer

“Women and their body image, modern dating practices, a phobia for ageing and the male gaze, all find a way in his seemingly harmless frame. His words are another story altogether- sarcasm, humour, truth and hope simultaneously punch you in the gut and kiss you softly. Freddy Birdy is instant attraction that lingers on forever.”

Given how extensive Birdy’s site is, one can see his art is his passion. But it does force us to ask – an artist who believes in people being themselves should type out something so sexist and toxic on social media about a female actor.

Birdy, after the controversy hit social verse, put out another post addressed directly to Deepika Padukone. In this one, he had tagged the film’s co-producer Karan Johar and the production house Dharma Movies, along with Padukone. He wrote,” Dear Deepika, I’m not ‘mocking you’ for wearing tiny clothes. You can wear your hemlines till your toes or your ears. For all I care. And thank you for calling me a ‘moron.’ It’s the only non-fake thing you’ve uttered in your entire career. Love, Fred.”

No matter how huge Freddy Birdy is, and how wonderful his art is, we need to sit up and take notice of even the smallest comments made by people in position of influence that belittle a woman and he choices.