Death Sentence To Man Convicted For Rape And Murder Of 2.5 Years Girl In Gujarat

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The case of rape and murder of a two-and-half-year old girl in Pandesara area of Surat on November 9, 2021 took a sharp turn today when a Gujarat court pronounced death sentence to the convict within a month of the incident.

Gujarat police has been actively investigating into cases of rape and women violence in the state.

About The Incident:

The incident took place on the night of Diwali when a girl went missing from Pandesara police station area in Surat, Gujarat. After the body was recovered from the bushes nearby in a disorganized condition and post mortem was done, it was found out that death occurred due to unnatural rape and strangulation of the small kid. The post mortem also reported that girl died to mouth smothering.

The girl was kidnapped by her neighbour, Guddu Yadav who is originally from Jehanabad district of Bihar. The man took the girl playing outside her home on the condition of giving her chocolates. The kidnapping act was caught on CCTV camera nearby and using that footage the police could identify and track the accused man.

As per the Surat Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar, “Videos were also found from the mobile of the arrested man”.

Death Sentence For Rape convict:

Today, the Gujarat Court in Surat convicted the accused and awarded him with death sentence. Chargesheet was filed by the police before the court within 7 days of the incident. The 268 pages chargesheet contained details on 68 witnesses, forensic reports, gait analysis test report, reconstruction of case report.

Last month as well, the Gujarat Police took prompt action, when they filed the chargesheet against the accused within a month of a reported rape case in Surat.

As the news broke out, people have expressed their satisfaction on getting efficient and faster judgments in such heinous crime. One of the user wrote “Need such judges and more such special courts in every city of India which deal with specific instances like these and the cases should be closed within a month only, then we will have a safer country for everyone.”

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