Symptomatic Of Underlying Misogyny: Editors Guild On “Up For Auction” Pictures Of Women Journalists

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Github Muslim Women Auction: The Editors Guild of India has asked the National Commission for Women to take urgent action in tracing and punishing the culprits who posted pictures of women journalists on social media and digital platforms in a bid to ‘auction’ them.

In a press statement, the Guild expressed apprehension against the pictures of women journalists being spread for auction. The statement read, ” This vile attack is symptomatic of underlying misogyny in some sections of the society, especially against Muslim women as well as those who have been outspoken critics of the current government. ”

“The Editors Guild of India is deeply concerned about the misuse of digital and social media spaces to harass women journalists to intimidate and silence them,” the Guild added. In addition to asking the Women Commission to take action, the Guild also urged the social media and digital platforms to take appropriate steps and stop such misuses from taking place.

The statement mentioned the case of Neha Dikshit who was allegedly threatened, stalked, harassed online as per the Guild. Dikshit who had also allegedly experienced a break-in at her place faced everything because of her journalistic work, the Guild added. Journalist Fatima Khan was also mentioned as one of the women who faced similar treatment on social media. She had covered the Delhi riots of 2020.

Github Muslim Women Auction Case:

This comes after a website named ‘Sulli’ on Github was called out after the platform posted pictures of Muslim women without their consent and offered the visitors to choose “deal of the day”.

The Delhi Commission for Women took suo moto cognisance of the matter and issued a notice to Delhi police to provide them with a report. The commission has asked the police to provide them with an FIR copy registered in the case, details of accused persons arrested so far, steps taken to nab the accused in case of no arrests and a detailed action report in connection with the Github Muslim women auction case.

The Commission in its letter called the posting of women’s pictures for auction on Github as a serious matter of cybercrime.

The matter came to light after several users on Twitter started sharing their pictures with the words “Sulli deal of the day”. As per reports, the pictures were uploaded by unidentified individuals on Github on July 4. There were many pictures of Muslim women uploaded on the platform asking the users to take their pick. Read more here.