Outrage As Days Ahead Of Eid, Muslim Women 'Auctioned' Online Yet Again

Muslim women auctioned, abused and harassed online as a website is created, outing their Twitter handles, names and images without consent.

Tanvi Akhauri
Jul 05, 2021 13:36 IST
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Muslim women auctioned and harassed: Rage and horror built on the internet as several women over the weekend complained about seeing their names and images on an 'auction' list targeting minorities on an open-source website.


In what Muslim women are calling targeted harassment and cyberbullying, a website called 'sulli deals' was created on platform Github, where Twitter handles and photos were put out without ">consent, allowing users to take their pick on the 'deal of the day.'

'Sulli' is an offensive used to refer to minority women.

Github is an internet hosting service provider that is a subsidiary of Microsoft. As per reports, multiple complaints later, the website in question was taken down.


The incident comes only days ahead of Eid al-Adha on July 21.

Similar harassment of Muslim women had taken place in May this year around Eid al-Fitr, where men - led by a YouTube channel that 'rated' women - abused and stalked several women from India and Pakistan, mock-auctioning them off and issuing rape threats on social media. SheThePeople had spoken to survivors, read here.

Muslim Women Auctioned Again: Here's What's Happening

Sania Ahmad, one of the women speaking actively against the 'auctioning' harassment, had been targeted in May as well as last year. She told us when she was subjected to such harassment, she "filed a complaint with the cyber cell too. No action was taken against him. Instead, he then put up my pictures and name for ‘auction’… All his followers began harassing me. And he’s still around a year later."

Though the Github site has been taken down, women on social media have screenshots identifying the names and accounts of those targeted. In May, the 'rating' livestream hosted by 'Liberal Doge' account on YouTube too had been removed after outrage but videos of the same went viral by then.

Hasiba Amin, INC's social media national co-ordinator, told us then, "On Twitter, it was being dubbed ‘husna pe charcha‘. People found out the Liberal Doge account apparently does these videos for entertainment and then raises money for sustenance." Read here.

As per those who accessed the Github site before it was taken down, the interface appeared like this:

See what other women are saying here: 


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