Delhi Commission For Women Chief Slams Media Hype Around Ranveer Singh Photos

Swati Maliwal on Ranveer Singh photos
Swati Maliwal, Chief of the Delhi Commission for Women, has reacted to the hype surrounding Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot. Maliwal not only slammed the media for conducting prime-time debates on the photos but also asked, are there no important issues that need attention?

Ranveer Singh posed nude for an international magazine this month. The images were released online on July 21. The images has led to a widespread debate on gender bias and how the reaction would have been very different, had it been a woman actor in Singh’s place in the photos. An FIR was filed by the Mumbai Police this week against the actor, based on a complaint by an NGO which accused him of hurting the sentiments of women in general and “insulting their modesty through his photographs”.

The controversy is not new to Ranveer Singh, as social media takes every chance it gets to mock and make memes out of Singh’s out-of-the-box and gender-fluid dressing. The photoshoot while getting him appreciation from his fans and colleagues for being so comfortable in his skin, also brought with it a barrage of criticism and controversy. However, many have also raised concern over the attention being given to Singh’s nude photos by the media while there are many socially relevant issues that could use their attention.

 Swati Maliwal on Ranveer Singh photos and the hype around it

Talking about all the buzz surrounding Ranveer Singh’s photo shoot, Chief of the Delhi Commission for Women, Swati Maliwal tweeted, “The society is fed nude photos of women on a daily basis and no one objects. One actor, for reasons best known to himself, decides to pose nude and becomes the topic of prime-time debates. Are there no real issues in the country?”

Recently, Vidya Balan came in support of Ranveer Singh, appreciative of his photoshoot, stating-“What’s the problem? For the first time, a man has done this. Let us also feast our eyes. (Kya problem hai? Pehli baar koi aadmi kar raha hai. Hum logo ko bhi aankhen sekh lene dijiye an). She also spoke about the FIR being lodged against the actor and said, “Maybe the people who filed the FIR don’t have much work to do hence they are wasting their time on these things. If you don’t like it then close the paper or throw it, and do what you wish to. Why get into FIR ka chakkar?”

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