Sexual Harassment In Hollywood Is Systemic: Michelle Pfeiffer

michelle pfeiffer

In an interview with the BBC, actress Michelle Pfeiffer has said that sexual harassment is a systemic problem in Hollywood. She said there hasn’t been one woman who hasn’t had a bad experience.

“I’ve had some experiences, I have to say, since this has all come out,” said Pfeiffer. “There really hasn’t been one woman that I’ve talked to that hasn’t had a bad experience and it just goes to show you how systemic the problem is. I know I’m having conversations with women I’ve known my whole life and we’ve never discussed this and it’s coming out.”

Men may think twice now

She said that because women are finally speaking out about it, things may improve for the younger women coming into Hollywood. Men in the business may now think about the consequences of their actions.

“I think all the men are thinking,” said Pfeiffer. “There’s a lot of reflection going on with men and women. I was thinking myself, thinking back, where is that line between, ‘Oh, I got hit on,” and, ‘I was inappropriately, you know.”

Pfeiffer said it seems that younger women are purposefully targeted. She is starring in the soon-to-be released ‘Murder on the Orient Express’.

Many Hollywood stars and producers have been accused of sexual harassment. Harvey Weinstein was accused by several women of sexual harassment and abuse in the industry. Over a dozen women opened up about their instances of unsolicited sexual advances that Weinstein asked of them. And three women have accused the powerful film executive of rape. This prompted the #MeToo movement which has led to a slew of women speaking up about their encounters. Kevin Spacey, James Toback and Dustin Hoffman are among the directors and actors who have been accused of sexual harassment.

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