Young Girl Interrupts Health Policy Expert Mom's BBC Interview, Demands To Know Anchor's Name

Scarlett demanded to know the anchor's name and asked where to place her unicorn painting. Social media lauded both adults for handling the situation gracefully.

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Daughter interrupts mother interview BBC

Laughter ensued after global health policy expert Dr. Clare Wenham's daughter hilariously crashed her live BBC interview, and demanded to know anchor Christian Fraser's name. Wenham was in conversation with Fraser, BBC News Channel anchor, about the local coronavirus lockdowns around England, when her daughter, Scarlett, who was in the same room, grabbed the spotlight with her antics.


Scarlett and her Unicorn Painting

In the video clip doing rounds on social media Wenham can be first seen picking up Scarlett off the table and putting her on the ground, after which Scarlett proceeds to try and find a good spot to display her unicorn painting on the shelf in the background. Wenham continues to speak with a straight face despite the disruption, but Scarlett's indecision in the back is impossible to ignore. As if prompted by Scarlett's dilemma, Fraser asks her name, and in good humour tells her, "Scarlett, I think it looks better on the lower shelf... And it's a lovely unicorn."

Scarlett further goes on to amuse everyone by walking up to her mom and repeatedly demanding to know who her mom was speaking to, asking, "What's his name? What's his name?" To this Fraser answers, "My name is Christian." Scarlett looks satisfied with the answer but continues conversing with him. Blissfully unaware of the live broadcast, she explains to him, "Christian, I'm just deciding where Mummy wants it to go," referring to her unicorn painting. She proceeded, "Mummy, where do you want it to go?" and Wenham directs her back to the shelf.

Fraser, between laughs, says, "This is the most informative interview I've done all day."

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Social Media Erupts in Laughter


The one-and-half-minute clip has since gone viral on social media, leaving netizens amused all morning, thanks to little Scarlett. Parents across the world are relating to the video that shows the struggles, and the humour, of working from home, especially with children around. Everyone lauded Wenham and Fraser for handling the interruption with composure and grace.

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BBC Mom reminds people of BBC Dad

This incident reminded many of the famous Robert Kelly, or the 'BBC Dad' (as he is now popularly known) interview from 2017. Kelly's little children had barged into the room where he was on air with BBC from home, followed by his wife who rushed in frantically to get them out of there. The video had won the hearts of so many that Kelly had returned for another interview with BBC, this time with his whole family.

A similar gaffe also happened yesterday on Sky News, when British journalist Deborah Haynes was live on the channel from home when her son came into the room asking for some biscuits. Here's the clip:

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