Danish Woman's Gangrape: All 5 Convicts Get Life In Jail

STP Team
Jun 10, 2016 09:08 IST
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All five convicts in the 2014 Danish Woman's Gangrape case have been meted out Life imprisonment according to NDTV. The tourist, who arrived in India on January 1, 2014, visited Agra and Delhi. While staying in the capital, she lost her way back to the hotel. A group of men near Connaught Place offered to take her back to the hotel, but instead took her to an isolated park and raped her.


Delhi Police on Thursday sought the highest possible sentence for the five people convicted of the 52-year-old. As per the new rape law of 2013, gang-rape entails a minimum jail term of 20 years and a maximum of imprisonment till remainder of the natural life of convicts. The law was amended to ensure more stringent punishment for those convicted of sexual offences.


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