Take one of her classes in Pune and you are bound to get addicted to the dance moves. A animal lover and a fitness enthusiast, Angelynn Rozario is a prime example of the never-die entrepreneur spirit. With Zumba taking over the world by storm one beat a time, how does she carve a niche for herself in the market? A small chat with the bubbly woman herself reveals all the inside details. Explore her life through this photo essay.

She The People: Entrepreneurs in Pune
She The People: Entrepreneurs in Pune

The jump from routine to career.

“I guess I have my mom to thank for that. Academics-wise, I am a Computer Science student, passion-wise I am a dancer, traveller and a very outdoorsy person. Mom understood my apprehensions(more like full blown panic) about a 9-5 desk job and let me explore options outside of it. I studied and worked in the Animation and Film Making field for 3 years , then did a short stint in advertising, all the while- doing a part time job as a dancer and aerobics trainer.

Zumba just happened to me by a God-sent chance. I saw some videos, loved it and got my certification in Pune. Life has never been the same since then!”

The Zumba opportunity: Turning dancers into entrepreneurs. 

“If you are good, then the news spreads fast and before you know it, you’ll have a full class. From there on, you spread out, freelance for gyms and societies or start your own little studio. The same holds true for other forms of fitness too. When I had my studio, I used to take a variety of classes, from Zumba, Cardio Kickboxing, Aerobics, HIIT, Pilates and Power Yoga. And more importantly, my clients looked forward to all that variety. Something different happened in class everyday. You just have to understand what clicks with the crowd and you’re a hit.”

Angleynn Rozario, Zumba Fitness Instructor
Angelynn Rozario, Zumba Fitness Instructor on SheThePeople.TV


The time to startup is never tomorrow, always NOW.

“The industry is difficult. Competition is tough. On every corner you’ll find at least 2 dance or fitness studios. What distinguishes you from everyone else, is your quality of service. Be well informed, be certified and market yourself well. Be true to your clients and they will remain loyal to you. More importantly, have patience. You can’t start a business and flourish the next day, or maybe even the next month. But just hold on and have faith!”

Let’s all be a little healthy and take it seriously.

“Dedicate at least half an hour to exercise everyday, religiously. You need to undo the damage done by hours of sitting at desk, or eating junk, or lazing on a couch, or travelling. Even if you don’t realise the health risk now, you will, eventually. Why wait until then to start working out? And very importantly, check what goes into your body. Eat and drink healthy. Do that, and your body will respond beautifully. Your workouts will become more effective, your hair and skin will become healthier. There are absolutely no negatives here!”

Angleynn Rozario, Zumba Fitness Instructor
Angelynn Rozario, Zumba Fitness Instructor

The “no nonsense” work mantra.

“I, majorly, have a NO POLITICS philosophy. I left my corporate life for that reason and it is probably why I have mostly always been a one-man show. It might have not been the best thing to do, but it suited me best since I could never be diplomatic. All the, many, many jobs I have done and people I have worked with in life have influenced me greatly. They have taught me what to do and more importantly what NOT to do.”

Life outside the Zumba bubble is ….

“I take part in a lot of endurance testing activities, camping, hiking, adventure races. I came second in my category at the Mirchi Ruggedian last October. I have also recently got back into the corporate line as the Manager at FirstFitt, a gym in Pune. And then there is the traveling. I have resolved to take a trip every 2 months this year. I absolutely HAVE to explore India!”

Angleynn Rozario, Zumba Fitness Instructor on SheThePeople.TV
Angelynn Rozario, Zumba Fitness Instructor on SheThePeople.TV