Cybercrime Files 1500 Page Chargesheet Against YouTuber ‘Toxic’ Madan, Wife

Toxic Positivity On Instagram, personal data
The cybercrime wing of Chennai has filed chargesheet against Youtuber Madan and his wife for making videos that have abusive language against women. The couple was arrested in June but a 1500 chargesheet has been filed today.

A chargesheet against Youtube Madan and his wife Kruthika was filed by the cybercrime department to the Saidapet magistrate court on Thursday, August 12. The two were accused of making videos using abusive language against women. There have been complaints against them for financial fraud.

According to a police complaint, Youtuber Madan runs several channels like ‘Toxic Madan 18+’ and ‘Madan’ which allegedly create content against women. The channel also allegedly live-streamed PubG which is a banned game in India. The channels have been suspended by Chennai Police.

According to reports, Madan was heard saying in one of his videos, “Every woman is a prostitute and a man ends up marrying a prostitute.” As mentioned in this report, Madan has also been accused of fraud of Rs 2.89 crore.

Further, the couple told police that they had made the Youtube channel for quick and easy money. According to police reports, the couple felt that they used abusive language against women and air misogynistic content to garner huge subscribers. They also thought they would get engagement from teenagers for this kind of content. The police seized a laptop, phone and other gadgets that the Salem-based couple used to make YouTube videos.

The two were arrested by a special team formed by the Central Crime Branch on June 18. Kruthika, Madan’s wife, was released after an initial investigation. She told the media, “There are claims that Madan cheated several people for money, which are baseless.” She also added that her husband Madan did not have any other income except for Youtube.

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