Could We Kickstart Learning? Rachna Khanna Thinks So

Co-founder of pinwi, a smart parenting tool app, Rachna Khanna aims to change the way parents and kids look at education and learning.

Dec 13, 2016 09:54 IST
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Rachna Khanna Founder CEO Pinwi

Rachna Khanna is probably one of the few who derives power from her reluctance. A former advertising professional, Buddhist practitioner, and a booming entrepreneur, Rachna has set her foot in the technology world. Co-founder of pinwi, a smart parenting tool app, she aims to change the way parents and kids look at education and learning. SheThePeople checked in with her to know more about this parenting tool and how this can change the way kids learn.


Rachna Khanna - Founder-CEO Pinwi Rachna Khanna - Founder-CEO Pinwi

In her own personal journey, Rachna realised that her subject of education actually didn't play a role in her choice of career for herself. An architecture graduate, Rachna never pursued a career in that field and instead chose to work in the media industry and lay her ground for many years. This move raised a question that often bothers most of us -- where and what is the link between what we do as children and what we end up doing for the rest of our lives?

Choices are dependant on personal motivation

"I was looking to switch career in 2011 because I wasn't happy with where I was. During my sabbatical, I realised that when your choices are dependant on personal motivation, you're likely to do well for yourself," says Rachna.

Struggling with this dilemma, she realised that there needs to be a greater, deeper connection to our choices. How can we help find children that connection, with what they really want to study and make a career out of? And before you know it, this gap ignited an idea, which is now pinwi.

Rachna elaborates that there are two wheels of learning at the moment; performance and the other being what creates value (is it a well paying job, will it translate into success), pinwi introduces a third wheel which recognises and takes in account the "enjoyment" factor.


"If these wheels are considered and if decisions made by the parents puts children's choices first, we will be bypassing what everyone calls a mid-life crisis," says Rachna.

Rachna Khanna - Founder-CEO Pinwi

But parents aren't usually accepting when they are told how to raise their children, we argue, and she says, "We can't take the right away from the parent. They are, of course, the best people to take decisions for their children, but we will give them information and tools so they can make smarter decisions. We are creating a system that will guide them to understand their child's interest."

Everyone knows how to raise children except who have them

It is important to listen to your children and to create a healthy balance to find the sweet spot that will create value in the world, instead of always following what is in "trend" career-wise. Take a break, let interests take their course and satisfaction will follow!

Being a workaholic (or at least at the moment), Rachna's idea of taking a break is shutting herself in a sound-proof room so she can practice drumming for at least 2 hours! She follows the mantra of waking up every morning with a positive attitude and motivates herself to never lose the sight of her ultimate vision.

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