Corporate sexism: Chinese boss forces female employees to kiss him every day

Chinese company

When we are trying to set precedents to desexualise work culture by including both men and women in the same line and category, it seems a Chinese company is working in a totally different direction. A Beijing-based company’s boss has a bizarre rule of getting all female employees working in the company to gather between 9-9.30 am and kiss him on his cheeks.  The company has a majority of female employees and very few men.

Even if the female employees resist the idea, they eventually have to give in because they cannot afford to lose their jobs. The company manufactures home brewery machinery and explains that this improves the work culture of the company and encourages the employees to blend in with the boss better.

Two employees who denied this ritual have been fired from their jobs.

A video of this featured on social media and spread like wildfire. This has been condemned everywhere and the Chinese company and this practice by the boss has been looked down upon as patriarchal in nature.

The boss of the Chinese company got this idea once when he was on a business trip to the US. he saw a “great cohesion” within an American firm in which “the company boss and his female staff could bond together like fish and water”, as reported by People’s Daily, China.

Frankly, it is a confusing scenario where the boss only wants to improve his connection with his female employees and not the male employees. And it is also a little sad that to cope with the increasing standard of living and to sustain their houses, the women are compelled to do such things which they shouldn’t be doing out of consent.

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Picture credit- People