Coronavirus: Serena Williams Under Stress, Due To Social Distancing

Serena Williams Grand Slam

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, like everyone else, tennis ace Serena Williams is also in self-isolation with her husband, Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, and their two-year-old daughter, Olympia. As lockdowns are getting imposed in most countries, mothers around the world are worried about their kids. The tennis star is no different as she says that she is having a difficult time dealing with anxiety due to social distancing.


Key Takeaways:

  • Serena Williams said she is under stress, struggling with anxiety due to self-isolation.
  • Serena said she is “on edge” all the time as she is concerned about her daughter’s health.
  • The tennis season has been suspended till June due to COVID-19 outbreak and Serena is in self-isolation with her husband Alexis Ohanian and their two-year-old daughter, Olympia.

Just two weeks into quarantine, Williams says she is “on edge” all the time as she is concerned about her daughter’s health. The 23 Grand Slams winner said, “Now I’ve been social distancing for actually a really long time, for probably two weeks now, and every little thing makes me crazy.”

The 38-year-old athlete added. “And by anxiety I mean I’m just on edge. Any time anyone sneezes around me or coughs I get crazy. I don’t hang out with anyone, and when I say anyone I mean my daughter.”

She coughed, I got angry and gave her a side-eye. I gave her that ‘angry Serena’ and then I got sad.

“I was like, ‘Is she OK? Is there something wrong with my daughter? Is there anything I can do?’ I just don’t know what to do, so instead of being relaxed I’m really under a ton of stress,” a panicked mother expressed.

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Staying away from her daughter

Former world No.1 women’s singles Serena has revealed that due to anxiety issues she is keeping her distance from her daughter. “I wanted to take a minute and talk about my experience with corona. It started out with me feeling like: Oh it can’t really affect me.’ And then suddenly Indian Wells was cancelled and I was like: Oh, OK, that’s weird but I have a little time off and I’m going to enjoy that time off.’ And then one cancellation led to another and then led to another and led to all this anxiety that I’m feeling,” Serena Williams said in a TikTok video.

Tournaments are being cancelled, but Serena is staying positive. “It is what it is, we’ll get through this. We have to,” added Williams.

Alexis Ohanian earlier wrote in a lengthy Instagram post: “We’re all going to have a lot of extra family time at-home in these coming weeks,” he wrote. “It’s going to be hard, but we’ll persevere ― and as a country, I hope this unites us against a common enemy that doesn’t discriminate based on our voting habits.”

“It’s not a time to panic, but it is a time to be prudent and responsible ― especially because the most vulnerable amoung [sic] us are very much at risk,” he concluded.

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