Coronavirus Board Game Created By German Sisters In Lockdown Is A Market Hit

Coronavirus Lockdown Game

As the world gears up for a cozy Christmas weekend, a unique invention by four sisters in Germany has emerged as an unprecedented market hit. The Schwaderlapp siblings created a coronavirus-themed board game during the lockdown earlier this year, which has now sold out ahead of the holidays. Titled ‘Corona,’ the game starkly mirrors real life, in fact urging positivity and fellow feeling during these difficult times. The four competing players are required to gain points over each other by helping out an elderly neighbour with their shopping list.

The sisters reportedly developed the game during the initial phases of Germany’s lockdown earlier in the year. They gradually kept adding topical elements to the game, as 2020 progressed with more news about the virus. The Schwaderlapps’ family pastime has now become somewhat of a craze around German markets as demand for ‘Corona,’ er… the game variant, increases.

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Schwaderlapp Sisters On The Inspiration Behind ‘Corona’

Speaking to Reuters, Sarah, one of the sisters opened up about the motivation behind their game. “The basic principle is one of solidarity,” she said, “But each of the players can decide to cooperate with the others …or make things harder for them by blocking their path with viruses.”

Carefully noting people’s reactions to COVID-19 norms around the world, the sisters moulded their board game so it remained true to reality. “That was the case with hoarding. And we saw about the balcony concerts in Italy and turned that into a playing card too,” Rebecca, another Schwaderlapp sister was quoted saying.

The girls’ father, Benedikt Schwaderlapp, reportedly even stylised the Schwaderlapp family game further by hiring a design artist for the cards, boxes, etc., and tied up with a toy distributor to sell ‘Corona.’ The family has already sold 2000 games.

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How To Play ‘Corona’

The rules for ‘Corona’ are simple; more, if you are a Good Samaritan that naturally harbours empathy and sensitivity within them. According to the New York Post, the Schwaderlapp game comprises cards that can be collected and traded between the four players, who have to race ahead of each other in delivering essentials for a neighbour who is home-quarantined.

But since being a good person doesn’t come easy, the players’ paths will be peppered with obstacles that include an unexpected encounter with the virus itself. ‘Corona’ is selling like hot cakes in Germany. Perhaps those of us without access to the Schwaderlapp game could try emulating it in real life by doing good to beckon some holiday cheer!

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