Corona patient asks Alexa for help and how to relieve pain

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A 66-year-old woman who later succumbed to coronavirus asked Alexa to relieve her pain. LouAnn Dagen from Michigan asked her Amazon Echo device questions about how to cope with her pain.

“Alexa, help me. I am in pain”

After her death, her sister found recordings of  LouAnn asking Alexa, “Can you help me cope with the pain?”. LouAnn, 66, was suffering from Coronavirus symptoms and lived in a nursing home. She asked Alexa, “How do I get to the police?”

Penny Dagen, LouAnn’s sister, found 40 recordings of her late sister on the device. In one of the recordingLouAnn said, “Alexa, help me. I am in pain. I have to find a way to relieve it.” “Oh Alexa, I am hurt.” She said in one of her recordings.

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Talked to her several times a day: Sister

LouAnn’s sister Penny Dagen says, “I knew she was in pain. I talked to her several times a day.” Penny was heartbroken when she heard her sister’s pleas in the recordings. She says, “I just felt so bad because I couldn’t help her. I couldn’t protect her.”

As reported by Wood TV, she said, ” I just kept telling there wasn’t anything I could do. I am sorry I couldn’t help you more. I’d take your pain away. But she is up in heaven now, so she is pain-free. She is walking and she is with my mom and dad.” She says, ” She was a very talented woman. Played guitar and piano. I miss her so much.”

31 residents and 5 staff members infected with Coronavirus

31 residents of the nursing home and 5 staff member were Coronavirus positive. LouAnn had been living in this nursing home for more than a decade after she had a heart stroke.

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While talking about what was LouAnn like, Penny says, “She was a very talented woman and enjoyed performing for others. She could play the guitar, she sang, she played the organ and the piano and was even a ventriloquist. LouAnn would go around to different churches and bring her puppets with her… She even wrote a children’s book and had it published.”

Penny says, her sister would want others to understand that coronavirus is real and everyone should heed to the warnings. “They need to listen to the news media about how infectious the virus is, and it is very painful. At least it was for my sister; she was in such agony,” she said. “And you need to think of others you know? Because this virus is nothing to be fooled around with. It is deadly.”

May LouAnn’s soul rest in peace. We hope you pay heed to the warnings and stay home and stay safe.

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