Cop Gives Her Salary To Murdered Truck Driver’s Kin

Cop Salary murdered truck driver

What IPS officer Aslam Khan is doing for a family who lost their only earning member will reaffirm your faith in humanity. She has been sending half of her monthly salary to the family of a truck driver who was killed by robbers.

Maan Singh, the truck driver, was returning from work when he found himself driving on an unfamiliar road. To get back on the right track, he got down to ask for directions. Two robbers took advantage of the situation and attacked him. Singh succumbed to his wounds on the highway.


The news of Maan Singh’s demise shattered the family. It comprises his wife Darshan Kaur, children Baljeet Kaur, Jasmeet Kaur and Asmit Kaur and their grandmother.

DCP Aslam Khan’s noble gesture

DCP Aslam Khan, however, resolved to help the family wriggle out of the financial crisis they were suddenly subjected to.

Speaking to Navbharat Times, Baljeet said, “We were worried about how we would continue with studies and manage school fees. Even a square meal seemed unaffordable to us. Then, one day, we got a phone call from Delhi. DCP ma’am (IPS officer Aslam Khan) had found out that we were struggling to live. She spoke to all of us and promised that she would transfer some amount to our account every month. She even told us that she would try to get some governmental help for us. ”

The noble soul has been sending half of her monthly salary to the Singh family since that day. She also calls them to enquire about their well-being.

Baljeet Kaur is humbled by Aslam Khan’s gesture and aspires to be an IPS officer like her and work in Delhi Police.

Aslam Khan’s honesty and sincerity towards her work and society are commendable. We need more such people to make the world a more tolerant world to live in. May her tribe increase!

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