After Complaints, H&M To Change UK Women's Clothing Sizes

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After years of complaints from its customers in UK, H&M will now be making its sizes bigger to fit the correct measurements. In recent years, female customers have repeatedly complained about the clothing sizes being smaller than expected at H&M. It will now be updating its sizes to fit the UK measurements. The decision has been welcomed by shoppers in the country.


H&M spokesperson said, “We are taking the steps to change our womenswear measurements to be in line with UK sizing, for example, the previous measurements and fit of a size 12 will now be the measurements of a size 10,” said a spokesperson for the retailer.

Customers expressed anger

Many customers had previously expressed their anger over the company's size issues. A customer, Becs Parker, even took to Facebook to write an open letter to H&M in March this year.

In her post, she clearly asked, "I’ve always been a 12/14 and pleased with it, but when I tried on your jeans, I was annoyed, hot and frustrated. The pair of jeans clearly were not made for a woman who is a size 14. Why is that?”

Proposed Changes


The Independent reported,"While a UK size 12 equates to an EUR 40, size conversion at H&M meant that clothes in this size were labelled as an EUR 38, which is actually a size 10. The proposed changes will now mean that an item which would have previously been labelled as size 12 will now be labelled size 10, and an item that was previously labelled a 20 will now be an 18."

The clothing retail was also criticised for inconsistency in sizes across its various outlets in the country. In response, the spokesperson also added, “This will be a gradual process whereby customers will experience a transition period and are encouraged to use our sizing guides online or ask our store staff for advice when shopping.”

The changes are already in process at various store outlets. These will then be extended to the online store of H&M. Meanwhile, H&M urged its customers to remain patient until the process is completed.

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