Comedian Amy Schumer Fights Netflix For Equal Pay

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Comedian Amy Schumer has taken a stand against gender pay gap. While pay disparity is rampant in the industry, the 36-year-old has approached Netflix for a special salary.

She decided to negotiate her pay with the online channel after learning how much her co-performers Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were offered. She learnt that they were being paid way more than her for their respective stand-up specials, according to Variety.

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Sources said Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were paid $20 million for their routines. Variety reported that Schumer was only paid $11 million for her “The Leather Special” taping. However, Schumer reportedly asked for a significant raise after being approached by the streaming channel for another gig.

Schumer got the much-needed attention after her March special taping rose up the popularity charts. An Emmy win for Inside Amy Schumer and a grand success with her first starring role in the film Trainwreck did the rest.

Actress Emma Stone has been pretty loud about the gender pay disparity in Hollywood for the past few months. She lauded the fact that some of her male co-stars had decided to take cuts in salary to ensure pay equality

Schumer rooted for equal pay after several campaigns by other women celebrities, demanding their right to be paid equal.

It’s not a news that in every industry, women get less paid than their male counterparts. For example, when Chris Hemsworth was getting paid more for his role in the The Huntsman: Winter’s War than co-star Charlize Theron, the actress brought this discrimination to light and renegotiated her contract. Later, it was reported that she earned $10 million. Similarly, Emmy Rossum too had approved a new equal pay contract with her fellow Shameless lead, William H. Macy.

In 2015, actress Jennifer Lawrence had shared her experience of pay disparity in an essay for Lena Dunham‘s Lenny Letter.

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It’s high time Hollywood ends the gender pay gap. Hats off to people like Schumer who have got the guts to fight back!

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