Coimbatore Woman First Runner-up At Mrs World Classic Pageant

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Dr Jayashree Mahesh a Coimbatore-based Celebrity fitness therapist is the first runner-up in Mrs Globe Classic pageant this year. Mrs Globe Classic Pageant is an international beauty pageant for women above the age of 45. The pageant was held in California earlier this month. This is not her first win at any beauty pageant  as the fitness instructor was crowned Mrs Coimbatore in 2006 and Mrs India in 2016. She won the title of Mrs India Earth despite being the oldest out of 41 contestants.

Jaya Mahesh participated in the pageant which were held between June 13th to June 18th.

Jaya is well-known for her body sculpting classes. She also won the Mrs Photogenic and Mrs Indian Ocean titles at the pageant. The pageant in total had 85 participants from across the world.

Mrs Mahesh is known fhelping many people deal with health complications like obesity, varicose veins, urinary incontinence, uterus prolapse, spondylitis, menstrual problems, joint pains, polycystic ovaries, pregnancy issues, diabetes, thyroid problems and achieve holistic wellness.

She told the media “Age is just a proof of the quantum of love I received from the world and I always want to give it back.”

Mrs Mahesh adorned a sari for her first appearance in the pageant. She also gave a short introductory speech about Coimbatore calling it the “Manchester of South India.”

The pageant had various rounds such as introduction, personality profile, photo shoots, go goddess theme, national costume, talent round and “one to one” sessions. The Flora Events founder Reshma Srijay represented Jayashree’s participation in the pageant.

Jaya has left a mark with her charisma and friendly nature. “Women are supposed to lift each other up and not tear down. When we lift our fellow woman, the whole nation rises. This association of ours has been proof of that and we wish more women come together to build the nation,” she said.

Picture Credit: maalaimalar.com

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Apoorva Lamba is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv