Class 10 girl Died by Suicide; Parents couldn't afford tuition fees

A class 10 girl committed suicide in Hyderabad after she was forced to quit school due to financial reasons.

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A class 10 girl died by suicide in Hyderabad due to financial constraints. She was found hanging in her house on Thursday. Her parents who are labourers couldn't afford to pay the school's tuition fees at once, and had only paid a part of the total amount of Rs 37,000. Girl dies tuition fee


On preliminary investigation, a police officer reported that the girl was allegedly asked to discontinue her studies until the entire amount was paid. It is said that the girl was hurt and felt humiliated by the turn of events. 

The police haven't found a suicide note, and are still investigating the matter. They have filed a case against the school management as well. 

“Despite losing our earnings due to the lockdown, we had managed to pay around ₹ 15,000 to the school. We told them we would pay by 20th," said the girl's father. He also added that his daughter had being calling him up from school atleast 2-3 tiles since the last few days. She had also told her father to tell her teacher that she was at the hospital and hesitated to go to school yesterday. According to the father, the teachers would force the girl to call her father in order to pressurise him into paying the fees.  

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