Chrissy Teigen Turns 35! A look At 5 Of Her Social Media Posts That Took The Internet By Storm

Here are the five times American model Chrissy Teigen took social media by storm with her powerful posts and tweets!

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Chrissy Teigen aka the unofficial queen of social media is best known for managing a nap during Oscars. The mom of two and wife to singer John Legend provides an unfiltered view of her thoughts, which never fails to win the internet. As the television personality and model who turns 35 today, let’s have a look at her  best five social media posts that took the internet by storm and how!


On elections and the president

Teigen is never known to keep her political opinions to herself, she lets them flow freely. When the world was anxiously biting nails over who would be the winner of the US presidential race, Teigen was busy tweeting funny content for people to be relieved of some of their apprehension. The tweet “Oh I just realized I cannot wait for the terrible White House (extra) wall to be torn down and the garden to be fixed!!! And a dog!!! A real dog in the White House who isn’t the president (boom roasted)” has over 263K likes and 8.6K retweets.

On her husband

In another tweet that went viral, Teigen is seen contemplating over the sweet gesture of sharing between couples. She tweeted, "John just asked if I wanted two pieces of pizza or three instead of one piece of pizza or two and ... it just meant so much to me".

Looks like she was touched by her husband John Legend’s act of sharing a pizza, when the world works on the principle of “Joey doesn’t share food!” Isn’t that sweet?

On trolling trolls


It’s not without a reason that Teigen’s fans dote over her befitting replies to trolls on the internet. When a troll posted a hate tweet about Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle’s essay on her experience of miscarriage, Teigen came right to the rescue. She wrote, “Award for today’s absolute piece of s**t goes to Marco Giannangeli. Congratulations, piece of s**t.”

However, Teigen later deleted the tweet and instead wrote, “Sorry forgot I’m trying to be nicer lol”. Even though the tweet is deleted, it is immortalized to tell haters that they have a strong opponent out there.

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On fighting depression

Teigen posted a picture recently with the caption that talks about how mentally exhausting and depressing days can be fought with a positive outlook. She said, “when I’m old and grey, I will look back on the last two months as being brutal, exhausting, sad, physically challenging, mentally painful bitches of a couple months. But I refuse to not find humor in both the rage-fits and the outfits. I already see the leaves as orange instead of grey, realized the sky is indeed blue and not black and horn honks on my forced morning walks only bring me to my knees half the time. I can make it up my stairs only stopping once or twice instead of every other, and can get out of the bathtub all by myself as long as I have the promise john will dry me off. anyhow the point is, fuuuuuuuuuuuck, I think it’s happening ❤️


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On her miscarriage

Teigen opened up about the miscarriage she had to suffer during late September. She posted a series of black and white photos which were as painful as the news. However, in the caption, Teigen wrote an optimistic note which made us believe that ‘this too shall pass’. She wrote, “We are so grateful for the life we have, for our wonderful babies Luna and Miles, for all the amazing things we’ve been able to experience.  But everyday can’t be full of sunshine.  On this darkest of days, we will grieve, we will cry our eyes out. But we will hug and love each other harder and get through it.


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