Chrissy Teigen Defends Meghan Markle After Troll Slams Her For Miscarriage Note

Chrissy Teigen came out in support of Meghan Markle after a Twitter user posted a hate tweet about the miscarriage essay by

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Chrissy Teigen Defends Meghan Markle

American model Chrissy Teigen came out in support of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex after a Twitter user posted a hate tweet about the essay Markle she wrote in The New York Times. In which she described the personal trauma of going through a miscarriage.


A Hate Tweet

Markle recently revealed through the essay that she underwent a miscarriage in July this year. She described it as an ‘unbearable loss’ However, Marco Giannangeli, posted a hate tweet about Markle’s write-up in response to a tweet which in fact supported Markle.

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A Twitter user, condemning all the hate Markle was receiving after her miscarriage news, wrote, “Meghan Markle won’t see the all of the nasty shit you write about her but your friends who have experienced miscarriages and the loss of a baby will.” The tweet went viral, as many others came out in support of the Duchess.

However, Giannangeli wrote in response, “Is anyone really questioning the pain and sheer awfulness of suffering a miscarriage, or are they perhaps criticising Meghan’s decision to write a 1,000 word op-Ed about herself? What does it add to the resources already available for those who go through a tragedy like this?”

Chrissy Teigen came out in support of Markle

Shortly after, Teigen, who herself had suffered a miscarriage in September, came out to defend Markle and called Giannangeli anabsolute piece of s**t”. She reportedly wrote, “Award for today’s absolute piece of s**t goes to Marco Giannangeli. Congratulations, piece of s**t.” However, Teigen later deleted the tweet and instead wrote, “Sorry forgot I’m trying to be nicer lol”.

Teigen had herself shared a heartbreaking post on September 30, sharing the news of her miscarriage with her fans. She later even shared an emotional essay which described the complications during her second trimester. Teigen appeared on the show "Good Morning America" on Tuesday this week along with husband John Legend and talked about the miscarriage. "I definitely give myself permission to feel complete and utter grief," she said on the show. She added that she could see the good side of the world when suffering from the loss.” As hard as it was, it is beautiful to see this side of it,” she said.

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Teigen later tweeted the reason why she is not giving social media much of her time.

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