The law student, who alleged repeated rape by former UP minister Chinmayanand for over a year in a police complaint recently, has now handed over 43 video clips as evidence to the Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the UP Police. She also claimed that he is a “blackmailer.”

The survivor, who was studying LLM from SS Law College in Shahjahanpur of which, Chinmyanand is a director, also alleged that evidence was removed from Chinmayanand’s Ashram where the alleged crime happened before the SIT went there to search the place on Friday, PTI reported. As per the report the SIT recovered other forensic evidence, including a towel and soap. Then the girl also handed over her pendrive which contains video in support of the 23-year-old’s allegations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shahjahanpur Law Student hands over 43 video clips as evidence to SIT in the rape case that she filed against former minister Chinmayanand.
  • SIT has provided all the evidence that it recovered from Chinmayanand’s room and the videos to the forensic team.
  • The survivor and her family’s faith has reportedly dwindled over the probe by UP Police SIT.
  • The survivor has alleged to wire agency that parts of evidence have either been removed from the Ashram room or been tampered with.

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“The paint and other things have been changed and it now has a new look. Important evidence has been removed from there but two oil bowls, used during massage,” the woman was quoted as saying by PTI.

SIT has given all the items and video clips to forensic team so when it appears before the monitoring bench of the High Court on September 23, it will be able to depose everything.

The survivor and her family which earlier showed faith in the SIT now don’t have the same confidence in it. They told the local media that most of the evidence they handed over to the SIT against Chinmayanand has been tampered with or destroyed.

On September 12, Chinmayanand, who was the Minister of State (Home Ministry) in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government was questioned by the SIT for six hours starting from 6.20 p.m. to 1.00 a.m. The questions posed by the SIT revolved around the allegations put up by the survivor against him including her claim that he filmed her taking a bath and then used that video to blackmail her and call her to rape her for an entire year.

The girl in her statement also alleged that many times Chinmayanand sent his aides to fetch her at gunpoint. On Tuesday, the SIT searched the girl’s hostel room for six hours to find evidence in the case as the girl had alleged earlier that she has the entire evidence safe in her hostel room.

“The paint and other things have been changed and it now has a new look. Important evidence has been removed from there but two oil bowls, used during massage,” the woman was quoted as saying.

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The girl went missing on August 24 right after publishing the video on Facebook. She was found a week later in Rajasthan. The SC bench comprising of Justice R Banumathi and AS Bopanna directed the Delhi Police to not let anybody meet the girl until the bench does.

Chinmayanand has filed a cross-complaint against the girl for maligning his image and has called the allegations against him fake and a conspiracy against him. The former minister isn’t new to criminal cases, as in November 2011 he was charged with rape after a girl who had lived at his Ashram for several years accused him. However, the Yogi Adityanath government in March this year had filed a plea to withdraw the case. But in May, a local court rejected it.

Picture credit- Gulf News

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