Women’s Safety: Child-Lock Stickers Mandatory for Delhi Cabs

Are cabs unsafe in Delhi

The Delhi’s State Transport Authority (STA) is taking some stringent measures to make travelling in cabs safer. It has made it mandatory for all cab drivers to put stickers about the child-lock  system of the vehicle. To get permits, the cab drivers have to put a minimum of four stickers informing the passenger about the same.

The facility of a child lock has been misused against women travelers. When enabled the feature prohibits the passenger in the backseat to open the doors from inside.

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“To ensure safety of passengers, especially women, the STA Board has approved the transport department’s child-lock proposal for cabs,” STA member and Kasturba Nagar MLA Madan Lal told Hindustan Times.

“Cab owners will have to put stickers informing about the lock system near the door handles on all four sides of the car. Also, pasting two more on the front and rear will also be allowed,” he added.

“The stickers would make passengers aware that something called child-lock even exists and that they should disable it at the start of the journey,”- DCW chief Swati Jaihind,

Further, all Motor Licensing Offices will be given directions not to issue taxi permits until a vehicle has the stickers. The transport department will also prosecute all the violators.

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The DCW chief Swati Jaihind is the woman behind the idea. She told HT, “It was much-needed as a woman should feel safe while travelling in a cab. The stickers would make passengers aware that something called child lock even exists and that they should disable it at the start of the journey”.

The Delhi government will take up the issue of removing child locks completely from cabs with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH).

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“Yes, we are going to take this issue with MORTH. If the cab driver activates the child lock, a passenger is not able to open the door from inside if they wish to. It increases the possibility of a crime,” a transport official said.

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